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Activation & Leverage

Bespoke Activation & Leverage Opportunities

Best of Breed Tools

Leverage our ‘Full-Stack’ Marketing playbook to build supporting activities and campaigns that are measurable and impactful. How about a geo-fenced mobile campaign for maximum relevancy and awareness?


Sponsorship Activation & Leverage

Team Building Days

Maybe you have moved to a remote or hybrid working environment. Our team building days on a 52ft race yacht are a great way to bring people together around a common goal and get them working in harmony. There are no passengers on a racing yacht and everyone is just as important as everyone else. A great way to build team spirit.

‘Zero Emissions Experience’

Imagine gliding out of a harbour or marina in complete silence. Show your guests how technology can be applied in a way that delivers a 100% zero emission experience. The yacht features solar, wind and hydro-electric power sources which deliver a powerful demonstration of user cases for clean energy and materials research.

Thought Leadership Series

Engage the Ocean Crusaders experts to facilitate and deliver training and awareness programs for your stakeholders. Though we prefer to do rather than talk, we can build a program of round-table events, webinars, conferences and summits using our platform and your brand. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by leading the conversation.

Clean-Up Experience

Ocean Crusaders has over 10 years organising clean up activities for creeks, rivers, ports, harbours and islands! Get out in a boat, a kayak or sponsor one of our automatic river cleaning machines in a high-traffic inner-city location. This is a great way to get publicity and support within communities.

Demos & Sampling

Many of the events that we participate in have race-villages and exhibition space to showcase products and services to a targeted group of affluent and sustainability conscious consumers. Gain access to customers in a casual environment without the need for a ‘hard sell’. Show how your relevant products and services fit into the lives of those taking part and spectating.

‘Full Stack’ Marketing

Consider all parts of your marketing mix. How can our sports marketing platform help you increase brand awareness, deliver growth, create better products and services, generate more profit or build loyalty?