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Sponsorship Benefits

Pick and Mix to Suit Your Investment Level

Custom Packages

Whether you are a Blue Economy start-up or a destination, looking to market your attractions, or a sustainable consumer brand or energy company, we can build a sponsorship and sports marketing program just for you.

Sponsorship of Mainsail and Jib

Sponsorship Benefits Menu

Naming Rights – Title Sponsor (1 Only)

Your brand mentioned every time the boat is. Brand appears in commentary, press releases, list of competitors and results, plus prominent visibility on the boat, sails, uniforms and other team assets e.g. vehicles. A powerful sponsorship message showing commitment to the cause.

Major Sponsor

Brand visibility in key locations. Tailored marketing, communications and media plan to leverage and activate sponsorship to target markets. Dedicated sponsorship manager to ensure return on investment and engagement.

Official Partner / Supplier

Exclusivity within a targeted category. Can be provided ‘in-kind’. Includes endorsements and case studies.

Hospitality & Networking Opportunities

Work with us to design an events calendar that allows you access to key clients and stakeholders. Present your brand’s products and services in unique environments and network with individuals who are otherwise hard to engage with.

Merchandising Partnerships

This is an opportunity to think big. Maybe provide every sailor in Australia with a branded water-bottle that they carry with them at all times, increasing your association with the cause on and off the water in all markets. Consider promotions where a percentage of sales is donated to the Ocean Crusaders Foundation for the protection of the oceans.

Exclusive, Engaging Content

Sailing is a visually exciting sport and the stories provide you with content to be used to communicate internally or to stakeholders and customers in a unique way. While some brands may be dumbing down their content through the use of AI, we can provide unique and original content that differentiates your message.

Speak to an Expert

Our Sponsorship, Marketing and Media team understands brands. We want to work with you to understand what you are trying to achieve and which parts of the campaign deliver results that are meaningful to you.